Monday, June 27, 2011

Morgan Relief is finished!

I finished it up tonight after working on it for half the day. It is glossy due to the veggie oil I put on it to smooth it all out. It will absorb into the clay by tomorrow and leave the usual finish.

So excited to be able to call it done! Now to get it in to the caster and get it in production. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nearing completion on the Morgan Relief!

Nearly completed!

This thing is just buzzing along! I love it when a project really clicks all the way through. I still have a lot of tweaking, smoothing, and detailing to do but it's all in place now! The flowers still need the most work.

This photo gives you an idea of the thickness of the piece, approx 1" at the thickest area.

The only undercut area is the ear. There just was no way around that. I had fiddled with different ways to make it not be that way but this is the way it looks best. So for the ceramic edition I will mold it as a separate piece and attach each one, or block in behind it with clay when I mold it, and clean it out on each one. I'm not sure which one will be easier. The other option is to add a small piece behind it and create a 3 piece mold. For the resin edition there is no real issue with it since the rubber flexes.

The dreaded undercut.

I hope to have release information in the near future! Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Morgan Relief for Morgan Relief!

I am working on a large medallion right now (on the humid days when I cannot paint) to use to help raise funds for Forever Morgans. This group started a couple of years ago and I have been supporting their efforts when ever possible since I found it shortly after it began. Someday in the not so distant future I am hoping to be able to have a real Morgan (either an at risk horse nearby or one from them). If you know of anyone looking for a Morgan (or Morgan type) horse right now they are having a summer special with reduced adoption fees to help make room for incoming horses. These are all beautiful horses with good hearts. Some are registered, some are grade. They all deserve loving homes though!

The sculpt is BIG measuring approx 5" x 7" but should be a lot of fun to paint and glaze. Eventually I hope to release it in both resin and ceramic, so I am sculpting it for ceramic to make it easier later. That means that I cannot have any undercuts that would catch on the mold, as plaster is not forgiving like rubber is. I am not normally one for sculpting a lot of background stuff but for what ever reason I decided that this one needed it. I have also been given a bunch of beautiful roses from the neighbor and they have been very inspiring.

John grows every type of glorious rose just to be able to give them to friends and neighbors.

I am always looking for something to challenge me, as that is how you grow. So here we go, sculpting roses out of clay with no undercuts! I want to make sure there are plenty pf places for glaze to puddle and create even more depth as well. So much fun that I have not been able to pull myself away from it since I started it yesterday.

Here it is after another hour of work this morning.

And after 2 more hours! It goes so fast when you are inspired!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A belated BOYCC recap + other news

This was the scene outside the show hall

Ok so I did not get to post when I wanted just due to everything that has been keeping me busy. I wish I had had something to type out posts while I was on the plane on the way home. I had several wonderful posts all constructed in my head, and alas they have gotten lost in there somewhere.

Joanie's darling backyard & studio

In short, the experience of BOYCC 2011 was AWESOME! I was sick the whole time but I would still do it all again. The venue was perfect, the food amazing, the people wonderful, the eye candy striking, and the clinics insightful! I had a blast. My hubby came along and is still talking about it a month later. I'd say he had a good time too! He definitely has a new found appreciation for our little clinky ponies! Joanie totally blew him away when she got out Stormwatch's 17 piece mold! As a gift for the occasion I had ordered him a hand built ceramic dragon. It arrived while we were gone and was a wonderful surprise for him on our return.

The Made With Love Friesian mare that I picked up while I was there

I learned so much, and gained some delightful new friends in the process. Friendships that had been made in the past were strengthened as well. I just can't say enough great things about the whole trip. I can't wait to get full force into making clinky things! The only down side was that I wish I could have cloned myself so that I could have taken ALL of the workshops.

These are the horse head pins that we china painted in Karen Gerhardt's workshop

The whole experience made such an impression on me that even on the plane home I was working out how I would put on a similar event here in Michigan. We could do the same thing for cold painting and finish work possibly next year even, and a ceramics version the following. Our new property is close to the expressway, easy to get to all sorts of shopping, and I have facilities at my disposal that are nearby. Hotels are 10 minutes away, and Detroit Metro & Flint Bishop airports are within an hours drive. I may even have a real equine reference in the back yard by then. :D

The line up of Hoscars made just for the show

Now the update on our moving process is this. It's a government loan program, which means that it is SLOW and heavy with paperwork. I am hoping that we will be able to move sometime in August but I really have no idea. I am currently able to paint (as long as the humidity cooperates). So I am working on a few commissions and some sales pieces. We may have to bring a bit more money to closing than we had anticipated since the appraisal is not coming in as high as we need. Right now we are waiting for the appraisal to be adjusted for some repairs we are having done, and waiting for another agency to approve some things. I should have my studio up and running shortly after we move and the ceramics division going sometime this fall if all goes well. As a huge blessing, I am being gifted TWO kilns! One from a friend local (this one is needing rewired), and a second from one of my best friends, whose mom has one and wants her to take it. I am so excited. Now if the house stuff just finally aligns and we close, we can get the move going. Thank you all for your support and continued prayers for this situation!