Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ahhh the unfairness of it all!

This drawing pretty much sums up how I feel right now!

I have been having problems with my shoulder for a while now, on and off. This past summer it decided to become consistent. After much deliberating, and pushing by friends and family, I made an appointment with my family doctor about it. I was just looking for a prescription for physical therapy, but she wanted me to see the a shoulder specialist first. So I made my appointment with the Institute for Athletic Medicine, and a month later was finally in with the doctor there. The exam was not fun, and the diagnosis even less. I have torn my shoulder labrum in some way or another. Essentially the cartilage that stabilizes my shoulder is ripped, so my shoulder dislocates almost constantly. The only real treatment is surgery. The one thing I was hoping to avoid. Boo!!

The MRI with Arthrogram is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous about the procedure itself, but it should go fairly smoothly. I made sure I got in to a center that does this all the time, so they are good at what they do! I'm not crazy about small spaces, having things injected into my shoulder, or the length of time I'm going to have to stay still. Bah! I am just really hoping that the damage is not so bad that they have to do an open surgery, which will need even more healing time. I have another appointment with the specialist on Friday to go over the results of the MRI and plan surgery.

I did some research today to see what the general healing timeframes are, and the news was not as I had hoped. Now since my work does not require a lot of movement of my shoulder, I might be ok painting sooner, but it looks like it will be a minimum of 2-3 months. All of this when I was planning to do a marathon of painting and jump headlong into glazing before April/May. Talk about throwing a wrench into things. Boo!

Just day to day living without my right arm is going to be interesting enough. My friends and family are all plotting ways to duct tape my arm to my body so that I am unable to use it during the healing time. LOL.. Gotta love em.

With this in mind all of the unsold "Commission Me" slots have been removed from the sales list. Anything not done by my surgery date will have to wait several months until I can use my shoulder again. We were also hoping to buy a house sometime around June/July, so that may put yet another delay in things. We will be looking for a house with a more appropriate studio space, which will ultimately lead to better productivity, but the process to get there tends to muck things up.

I have already ordered bisques to work on, and have a wish list of glazes and a few other bisques. I was planning to work on things over the winter and then have some of my own work to show at BOYCC, and be able to offer some fun new stuff on Etsy. I just need to remind myself that they will all work out better when I am healed and pain free!