Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian Fire, Elsie, Sushi, and more!

I finally finished Indian Fire! I had so many little things that slowed me down, but he is done. And not only that, I found a great new supply of exceptional black mohair, and got an amazing new Arabian Halter by Heather Morton-Abounder to use for photography. Here are some photos of Indian (Whom I have named Abednego). He is available for offers. I would like $900 for him, and will consider trades/part trades for nice clinkies/bisques! I am especially looking for pieces by Addi, Sarah Mink, Lesli, Joanie, The Boguckis, and of course Hagen Renaker and other nice poultry. I will also consider the usual nice customs and resins (prefer classic and smaller generally). If you are interested in him, email me!

Also finished this week (well mostly, I think I may go back and continue to refine some things).... Elsie! I adore her, so she's staying here. I did customize her a little into a Gypsy Cob mare, with the feathering and chin fluff. I will get some better photos showing her detail later on.

I almost have Stormwatch finished. I just need to finish some work on his mane, paint the horn, and do his final details! Then he will be off to his owner at long last.

And if you have not heard yet, I will be painting TWO Sushi resins! One will be for me to do what I want with, the other will go to Tom for him to sell or keep. He has requested his to be done in fleabit grey and be haired, so she is sure to be a stunner. I think she's going to look wonderful like that. The one I am going to do is still undecided but I will NOT be hairing it, as I know that many of you out there prefer the sculpted manes and tails. :) I have the resins in hand now and she is a real treat. Brigitte really outdid herself on this one. If you have any color suggestions for the one I will be painting for myself (probably to sell) please feel free to email me! So far I have had dark rose grey and bay rabicano suggested.

And finally... I love things that are shiny. This especially includes ceramics (particularly poultry and horses). It has been a long time goal of mine to make the shift into ceramics, and I am finally able to start doing so! A pottery shop near me has opened up and "Lulu" the owner, loves to have artists in to work, and will teach me and help me get into it. I have 5 tiles for the Flying Heart Fundraiser that I will be glazing later this week. I expect that they will probably take about 2 weeks to get fired, and then I will be offering probably 4 of them for sale shortly after that. I'd like to purchase one of them for my own collection. :) So Stay tuned! I will try to remember to snap some photos after glazing them, but before firing, just to see how they change.