Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sales Post - Reflective Medallion #2

Here is the second Reflective medallion I have painted so far. I just love this sculpture. The first one was so much fun that I immediately ordered a 2nd as soon as it was finished!

This time I finished it in a deep palomino with a glossy green background. The flash was a bit harsh in these pictures, and his color is a little darker than shown. Price is $175ppd. Email me if you'd like to snap him up. :)

Itchy Cob again

She's starting to look a bit less creepy now! And yes after much deliberation i have decided that it is a she. Somehow I just could not put bits on this creature with the area being so exposed. lol So an udder it is!

This is the 3rd head so far but I think this one will stay. It may get Dremeled to twiggish thickness again, I am not sure yet. All in all I am happy finally with the way she is turning out. It has taken a bit to get the legs in the proper position but I think we have it. :)

Oh and just for fun here is a little teaser on a sales piece coming......

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cool new Medallion (etc.) Show!

I am really excited about the new online shows at! I helped judge one back in September and it was very easy to tackle. This month's show is for misc model horse stuff including medallions, awards, plaques, etc! Now I have sold all of the medallions that I have painted so far, so I have nothing to enter, but if you own one of my pieces please feel free to use the photos I took. :) Don't forget to let me know how they do, too! Did I mention they have some awesome prizes?!

Here is a link for more info!