Monday, February 23, 2009

Progress is Solar Powered!

Anyone who lives in a northern climate will probably attest to the draining effect that a lack of sunshine brings during the winter months. And if you have followed my artwork for a few years you may notice that same pattern. It is just so hard to get motivated when you just feel like hibernating!!

Today the warm spring sunshine made a grand appearance, and brought me a good kick of energy. Yay! So here is a little of what I have on my desk. The rest I will get pics of shortly. One of my 6 yr old daughters got a squished finger mid picture taking so needless to say productivity came to a quick halt! That's O.K. though. I think I needed a time out cuddle anyway. :)

Caldero is a custom order, the Morgan is for my own collection/experimentation, the two foals will be for sale when finish. I promise more updates on the rest of the custom orders very soon. Thanks everyone for your patience!