Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Been a while!

I have been so incredibly busy lately! Between homeschool activities starting up again, de-cluttering the house in preparation to list it for sale, and helping my mom move into her new house, there just has not been much time to do anything! I picked up a sketchbook to doodle while I am here or there, and have decided to do a kids (and big kids) Horse Coloring book. The goal is to have it ready to print in October so it will be available for sale for the holidays. Phew... With all of that going on I am actually looking forward to some painting. :)

While I was de-cluttering I found a bunch of my old sketch books. I listed some poultry theme artwork for sale. I did most of them back in '05. If you are interested, the pictures and prices are listed on my Photobucket account: . I will give discounts for combined orders.

Also I will be officially changing my studio and farm names to Chookhenge! It was a long time coming, and I decided on it a few months ago but wanted to wait till I had some things done before announcing it. This will make my life a little bit easier. Below is the logo (though still in progress). I plan to add to it a bit yet. I am working on a website, but don't anticipate that it will be ready for visitors till after the new year.

OK back to work for me!!!