Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If you see a steady stream of sales horses..

Do not be surprised. Because the economy and housing market are so bad here in Michigan, our house is now worth $30k less than we owe on it. Which means the only way we can move to a farm like we want is to pay down the mortgage a ton, or rent it out. With so many houses for rent right now, we don't really think that is a great option. But we may consider that this fall when we get some emergency $ saved up. So in order to pay down the mortgage enough to sell (and hopefully the market will recover somewhat so we can sort of meet in the middle), I have to be able to send an extra $1000 or so each month. Not an easy task with the amount of disposable income everyone has shrinking. Right now I would like to be able to pull in at least some money through artwork. If that does not work, I will have to go get a 'real' job. That would leave me very little time for anything hobby related. It might be that I just open up for commissions again when this batch are finished and shipped.

So for you it means, more opportunities for my work for a while at least. Or the chance to have a custom order done. And it means that no matter how much I love my Stormwatch, he will be coming up for sale when finished. Suburban life is slowly killing me... lol.. I need a farm more than I need resin.

And just to keep people entertained, here are some photos of recently completed works. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag day pony "Betsy"

Since this wee lass is being finished up today (Flag Day) I decided to name her after Betsy Ross, one of the US Flag designers. This little pony is the G3 Stablemate, which is a most adorable mold. This is the first G3 stablemate that I have painted, and she was a lot of fun. She's nearly done now and will be for sale. I may give her some more white markings on her body though. She is $65ppd

Betsy the pony is Silver Dun Tovero. I have a reference photo of this color for anyone needing it for showing, and will print it out to go with her. She does have some brush strokes showing (darn heat was drying my paint too fast), but she is still super cute.