Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finished pictures of Edmond

He is done! :) Enjoy! I will be posting him for sale in a few minutes.

Coming up for sale!

The Boxing shire is nearly completed so I wanted to give those of you who read my Blog a little head start if you are interested in purchasing him. I will post his finished photos here in approx 2 hours. If you are interested please email me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Glad this guy doesn't shed!

15,000,000 tiny hairs later.. lol.. ok maybe not that many.. though I would not be surprised if it were true. This is the Boxing Shire I took to my inlaws and worked on yesterday to sell. Minis are so portable that way. I can pack up all my pencils and the horse in my little foam case and off I go. Trads are no where near that easy. I am hoping to finish him up today, but here is a little glimpse of him in progress.

Monday, May 26, 2008

So many sculptures, so little time (and money!)..

So many of my resin orders have been coming in at the same time this spring. I finally got my Dafyyd after waiting for a year and a half. Wooohoo! Then I ordered myself a Sencillo. I entered a lottery for a Scarlett. And now have received word that my Stormwatch is in! Yikes! So what this means for you is a sales piece coming up very soon, possibly two. Smooshed in amidst the commissions I am feverishly working on. The first sales horse will be a mini. He is the Chaney Boxing shire, being done in bay Sabino with some roaning. Probably something a bit like this one. The other might be that Eberl Hermes resin.. if we ever get to speaking terms again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pixie pic

Quick pic of the Pixie I am working on. Still not completely happy with the pattern on her but shes getting closer. My camera batteries were dying so the shot isn't very good colorwise.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Progress! (and house for rent?)

Ok at the prodding of a fellow artist (she knows who she is), I am updating my blog here. ;) It has been an emotional roller coaster here in my life for a while, one I wish I could jump off of at times. With art being the kind of thing that involves so much emotional investment, I just haven't had anything to give it until lately. Even now there isn't a lot but I am trying! So to break back into things I finished up this lovely Arabian medallion sculpted by Rebecca Turner .

He was a fun piece to do, and I used the medallion to test for the chestnut color I am possibly going to put on my NAN donation. Also in the works at the moment are 2 commissions that I will hopefully have finished up this week. One is that Al Sayyid in fleabit grey, and the other is a Pixie in baby bay tovero. Pictures to come as I get a little more done on them.

On the personal front, we still have not moved. We have been working towards moving for so long then the market fell, and the result now is that we are upside-down on our mortgage. We owe more than we can sell it for by a decent chunk. Our only option appears to be to rent this house and I am unsure about how I feel about that option. We will see. I am trying to just leave it all in God's hands. He has better plans for us than we do. We just need to be patient and wait and see what they are.