Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Majeeda & Chet at 7am

I am soooo not a morning person. ugh. I didn't actually go to bed until 2:30am, then was awoken at 7am by the dog, barking because he wanted to go for a walk. I am thinking more and more about starting him on medication or something, he is so obsessive!! Anyway, he wouldn't let me go back to bed. So I decided to work on Chet some more. Majeeda is on Ebay and I absolutely hate this time period between listing and the end of auction. It feels like time is standing still, and I am so nervous about what it will end at. The time after Breyerfest is such a hard time to get a good price on ebay, and even though I have had scads of email saying she will go high, you just never really know till it happens! I am glad I decided to do a 3 day auction instead of a 5 day, I don't think I'd have survived 5 days of this. LOL! It doesn't help that we're supposed to hear back today about the loan.

Ok, working on Chet again. I worked on him over the last 2 days also, so here are some more updated photos. I can't do that much right now because I am almost out of Dull Cote again, and the hobby shop won't have any more till Thursday. Today I think I will just focus on his roany spots and his tobiano pattern.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Plodding Forward; Chet's Journey

Alright, well last night I ran out of Dull Cote, so I started working on a Chet resin commission. He's been base coated a lovely shade of gold so far, and now its time to start the metallics and pastels. I know people probably would like to see a horse go through the process, so I thought I'd show this guy from start to finish.

Here are the photos I am using for reference:

He will be the red dun with the markings and roaning of the bay tobiano.

Here he is being basecoated:
(yes, my desk looks like a war zone. Believe it or not I actually *cleaned* it up for these photos!)

I picked up more spray today, so I can finish up Majeeda, and continue to work on this guy. More later..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ack, the fleas!

OK not real fleas but with all those fleabites on this mare, I couldn't resist! Seriously I think I have put 8 hours in on her so far, and I *finally* have all the fleabites on her I think.... I hope at least. I've now started the work on her legs (which had been used as handles during all that pencil work).

Still have about 4 more layers of color to apply, and detailing. Phew!! She is full into that messy stage and I have pastel dust everywhere.

No news on the house yet. We should hear back on the loan early next week. Still praying we get it. I have already mentally moved in, even though I have tried not to get attached. Please keep praying for us!

In other studio news... I am being prodded to get the 4 sculptures that I keep promising, actually finished and cast. They're coming! They just keep getting pushed back for projects that have a more immediate ability to create income. :) I am hoping to have the Arabian mare and foal set, as well as Tater and Tot (the Gypsy Cob and Miniature horse) done and released by early '08. Maybe I can snap some photos of them later on.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The House...

OK had anyone told me a week ago that I'd have found our dream house and we would be trying to buy it, I'd tell them they were crazy! But here we sit, waiting for the financing to see if it can happen! We currently live in a 1000 sq ft home on .3 acres. There is no garage, attic, or basement for storage. Now put 5 kids, 3 cats, 4 birds, 2 bunnies and a dog in there.... you can see what I'm getting at! Just a smidge too tight. So this house we found (or I should say God lead us to!!) is 6 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2.9 acres, horse barn, chicken coop, in ground pool and a walk out basement for my studio!!! WOOOOT! Its perfect. Were totally in love with it.

Now the trouble is, we have not sold our house yet, and the Michigan economy for selling is pitiful at best. And we can't make a contingency offer because it is bank owned. So.... we have to either sell this puppy fast, or find someone to rent it and BEG the bank to give us the loan. That will be tomorrow's task.

Please pray for us! We REALLY need this house. My poor 10 yr old daughter is sharing a 10x10 bedroom with her 3 younger sisters(ages 6, and 4.5 twins) and shes begging for her own space!

Ok, now on the model horse front.... I need funds and fast! So hopefully by early next week I will have my custom Ziryab resin on Ebay. So far she is really turning out nice, but man those fleabites are a killer! I haven't even begun to tackle putting them on that big ole belly of hers. Phew...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bawk Bawk Begawk!

Alright, so I figured why not. So I am inviting you into my crazy zoo. So here is an intro into the critters.

Dog -
Toby, 3 yr old rescued Husky Shep mix. Weighs 70 lbs, white with dark spots, and he thinks hes a lap dog..

Cats -
Paisley, Kate, and Burnt Marshmellow

Birds -
2 parakeets - Shelby and Luke
Sam - the white capped Pionus
Kermit - the green cheek Conure
Tim - a young Red Golden Pheasant
two Button Quail
Plus my flock of Silkies, Showgirls, Brahmas, Salmon Faverolles, and Marans (around 150 birds!!)

Rats -
Moya - Pearl Merle Varigated Dumbo girl
Blobby - Blue rex Dumbo girl
Cloud - Blue hooded Dumbo girl

Rabbits -
Poppy - Black and Orange Harlequin marked Lionhead Doe (My sweetie)

Fish -
The Bettas - Animal, D-Man, Liam, Sapphyre, Heinz, Kourtini, Flame, Janice, Fluffy, Belle, & Teenie.

Frog -
Froggie - Green tree frog

Thats all!!! LOL...