Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's been a while!

Talk about busy...! Between the stuff going on the last month and a half, and not being able to find any Dull Cote at the store, I did not get anything much done in that time. I am back in the swing of things now though! Finally finishing up that Rasam that has been fighting with me for months. The Babaji (pictured) I finished is now for sale, and I have a Valda, Al Sayyid, and Pixie all in progress that are commissions. Babaji is a very neat horse, and I learned a lot painting him. In retrospect I wish Id done him solid Buckskin, but I think he turned out pretty neat. Now that I have Buckskin/Dun and Bay down pat, I am hoping to polish off the skills I need to paint Chestnuts.

Now on a more personal note... If anyone remembers that house we looked at this summer and tried to buy, we found out it has gone back up for sale, and the price has come down again. I am not sure if it will still be up for sale when we finally sell this one. It would be great to have 6 bedrooms to work with, but that house needs so much work. We will see. It is pretty neat to watch how God's plans unfold. We finally made the decision to start working on the preparations to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia in the near future. This means a lot of my sales pieces from now on go to the adoption fund. We are really eager to get this going, but trying to be patient as we really need to move to a larger place first.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The search for a new webspace

Well it has been 10 months or so since I was last able to log into my webserver to update my website. I have ended up using photobucket and Flickr mostly now, along with this blog. So the decision has been made. I will need to move my website and do a total redesign of both the horse art, and chicken pages, and perhaps add in some personal pages for other hobbies and family stuff. This will be a huge undertaking. So I will not be taking any orders from Dec on till after we move more than likely. Until then, anyone who would like to see my most recently completed pieces can see them on I really like the lay out of the photos there, and the ease in searching, as well as the slideshow option.

On the orders front.. I have taken quite a few lately, and some of those I had forgotten to write down and booked the slots twice so it may be a tad longer to get them all done but I do not anticipate long waits. Now that things are settling in with the homeschool for the year, I should be able to get back to a steady work schedule.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ahoy! In the spirit 'o tis swash-bucklin good holiday, aye have decided to offer ye some booty.

Aye found tis wee thin' whilst rummagin thru me treaayes. 'E was done lats sprin', an neva found a proper ship t' call 'is home. First matey t' tell me t' name o' one o' me chickens, gets this critter 'or free! You may have to do a bit o diggin (as any good pirate should be capable of!). May t' best matey win!

(ps. if you are browsing my website, it doesn't work well in firefox)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

darn lungs.. Behind again

This fall has been MISERABLE with the allergies/asthma, and now add on that a cold. Ugh. So when I take my meds, they make me shake, which isn't all that great when you are painting tiny details on a horse. It worked ok with the grey drafter since all the dapples were zig zaggy. LOL.. Lots of stuff is getting prepwork done now for this reason. I can't paint, but I can prep. So hopefully in the grand scheme of things it wont slow me down too bad.

I have also been restoring this awesomely cool Art Glaze "Oatsville", sculpted and I believe also finished by Paul Sanders. Still working on the tail. His poor original tail is long gone, and instead of sculpting a full look-alike tail, I decided that I really liked the short docked look. So I am giving him just a little bit on the end to finish it off. Matching the glossed bisque color is not proving very easy, but hopefully I can get something close enough. With all the breaks he has, he probably won't be a future show horse, but I love him anyway!

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Flatwork!

It has been some time since I have done any flatwork for sale. So last night while sitting in my barely lit bedroom studio while my hubby slept, I decided to try some colors and techniques out on a canvas board. I am planning a painting for my kitchen and these were some of the colors I was thinking about. Anyway, it is a painting in acrylic of 2 Gypsy Cob mares in the sunset. It is for sale for $75 including shipping in the USA. The matte and frame are not included. The entire painting is 16x20, and it extends to within 2-3 inches of the edge, mostly rough brush strokes. Feel free to email me if you are interested in this piece!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Keep Swimming... er flying?

Well chickens don't swim very well, so we probably shouldn't try that. Anyway.. it has been a while since I posted. I have been so busy lately painting, planning the school year for the kids, house training puppy, and moving my mom 200 miles back down near by. It has been insane. The house is a disaster, so today's job is boxing up and shipping EVERYTHING that I need to ship.. (ugh) and reorganizing the house. That is between our anniversary yesterday (10 yrs!) and my birthday tomorrow (29 already?!), and hubby has been keeping me busy doing things out of the house.

So studio news? I finished Chet, and the Valinor, and I am *almost* done with a Rasam. All of these guys are sold. Due to the down hobby economy I have decided to offer some custom order slots on some unpainted resins I have here, rather than offer them already finished. It breaks up the payments a little since I only need the body cost down, and the rest isn't due till the horse is finished. And since I already have the resins I know they are ones that I would like to work on. Right now I still have an Al Sayyid available for order, a Babaji on order, and that custom Svelte yet to finish along with a couple of orders. Hopefully next week will be a bit less busy and I can get back to work!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No New House, but we got a puppy...

The house just wasnt meant to be. They would only give $10k for repairs and since they were making us use contractors instead of us doing it, we just couldnt get it done for that. So that ends the house for us. I was starting to get nervous about the amount of work and funds needed, so it is a weight off my shoulders. I know there is a better place out there waiting though. Hopefully with more land. I wasnt sure 2.8 acres was going to be enough.

So here's our new puppy! He wasnt really planned, I ended up trading a guy 10 chickens for him at the swap. He is a red and white bi-color Australian Shepherd. His name is Smokey, but I call him Moe. He's so smart! Already house broken at 8 weeks old, and walks fairly well on a leash. He is going to be a great dog!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Inspiration strikes again.. Meet Sven!

I am still working on Chet, but decided I needed to start another horse to feed to Ebay. After 2 days of staring at blank resins and partially started paint jobs I decided that I could just paint a Svelte resin next. Well I found this gorgeous buckskin tobiano paint colt to use as reference.

Then I thought... I would really like to try to do the mane and tail in hair like his. And maybe I will make him neighing, that will be cute... and tweak an ear back... So here we are 24 hours later. lol He still has a little more resculping on his face and a few other spots and then tomorrow I can start priming. He is going to be SOOOOO Cute!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Moooooving on..

PHEW! I am SOO glad that auction is done. lol.. And my Dull Cote should be in today so I can get back to work on Chet and start another project or two. One of them is a cow... yes.. a cow. It's a cut calf resin that I picked up about 6 months ago, just to break up the monotony. Gotta keep workin today. I am already a touch behind on starting another sale horse. One of the next ones will not be haired. I may do a Svelte.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Woohoo! House update!

Well the first major hurdle in getting this house has come through. They approved us for the loan! YAY! We still have to do the home inspection, get bids for repairs, make an offer, and find a renter for our house before closing. BUT God will help us. :)

A lesson in patience??

Well we still haven't heard back about the loan yet. I hope they call soon with good news. I keep thinking of all that studio space as I sit here at my cramped little desk, painting... or trying to set up a photo shoot on a box by the bedroom door. Don't get me wrong.. I am definitely thankful for this place, but it is time to move on. lol

Majeeda's auction is still in that mid auction lull that I hate. I know everyone is just waiting, but there is always that fear that maybe, just maybe, no one else is going to bid. There are over 100 people with it on their watch lists, over 700 hits to the auction itself. The suspense is killing me! LOL!

Ok, back to projects. Chet had a bit more work done to his roaning and pattern, but not enough to justify a photo shoot. The Dull Cote is totally empty and I can't get any more till tomorrow, so I need to start on a different project. I can't work on that Arabian mare and foal that everyone is asking about. It has been far too warm in this house, and they are too soft to work with. My seam scraper has walked off again (do they have invisible legs??) so I am thinking maybe I should just give up for the morning and spend some time looking at horses for sale online... I mean.. for reference material.. (wink)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Majeeda & Chet at 7am

I am soooo not a morning person. ugh. I didn't actually go to bed until 2:30am, then was awoken at 7am by the dog, barking because he wanted to go for a walk. I am thinking more and more about starting him on medication or something, he is so obsessive!! Anyway, he wouldn't let me go back to bed. So I decided to work on Chet some more. Majeeda is on Ebay and I absolutely hate this time period between listing and the end of auction. It feels like time is standing still, and I am so nervous about what it will end at. The time after Breyerfest is such a hard time to get a good price on ebay, and even though I have had scads of email saying she will go high, you just never really know till it happens! I am glad I decided to do a 3 day auction instead of a 5 day, I don't think I'd have survived 5 days of this. LOL! It doesn't help that we're supposed to hear back today about the loan.

Ok, working on Chet again. I worked on him over the last 2 days also, so here are some more updated photos. I can't do that much right now because I am almost out of Dull Cote again, and the hobby shop won't have any more till Thursday. Today I think I will just focus on his roany spots and his tobiano pattern.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Plodding Forward; Chet's Journey

Alright, well last night I ran out of Dull Cote, so I started working on a Chet resin commission. He's been base coated a lovely shade of gold so far, and now its time to start the metallics and pastels. I know people probably would like to see a horse go through the process, so I thought I'd show this guy from start to finish.

Here are the photos I am using for reference:

He will be the red dun with the markings and roaning of the bay tobiano.

Here he is being basecoated:
(yes, my desk looks like a war zone. Believe it or not I actually *cleaned* it up for these photos!)

I picked up more spray today, so I can finish up Majeeda, and continue to work on this guy. More later..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ack, the fleas!

OK not real fleas but with all those fleabites on this mare, I couldn't resist! Seriously I think I have put 8 hours in on her so far, and I *finally* have all the fleabites on her I think.... I hope at least. I've now started the work on her legs (which had been used as handles during all that pencil work).

Still have about 4 more layers of color to apply, and detailing. Phew!! She is full into that messy stage and I have pastel dust everywhere.

No news on the house yet. We should hear back on the loan early next week. Still praying we get it. I have already mentally moved in, even though I have tried not to get attached. Please keep praying for us!

In other studio news... I am being prodded to get the 4 sculptures that I keep promising, actually finished and cast. They're coming! They just keep getting pushed back for projects that have a more immediate ability to create income. :) I am hoping to have the Arabian mare and foal set, as well as Tater and Tot (the Gypsy Cob and Miniature horse) done and released by early '08. Maybe I can snap some photos of them later on.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The House...

OK had anyone told me a week ago that I'd have found our dream house and we would be trying to buy it, I'd tell them they were crazy! But here we sit, waiting for the financing to see if it can happen! We currently live in a 1000 sq ft home on .3 acres. There is no garage, attic, or basement for storage. Now put 5 kids, 3 cats, 4 birds, 2 bunnies and a dog in there.... you can see what I'm getting at! Just a smidge too tight. So this house we found (or I should say God lead us to!!) is 6 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2.9 acres, horse barn, chicken coop, in ground pool and a walk out basement for my studio!!! WOOOOT! Its perfect. Were totally in love with it.

Now the trouble is, we have not sold our house yet, and the Michigan economy for selling is pitiful at best. And we can't make a contingency offer because it is bank owned. So.... we have to either sell this puppy fast, or find someone to rent it and BEG the bank to give us the loan. That will be tomorrow's task.

Please pray for us! We REALLY need this house. My poor 10 yr old daughter is sharing a 10x10 bedroom with her 3 younger sisters(ages 6, and 4.5 twins) and shes begging for her own space!

Ok, now on the model horse front.... I need funds and fast! So hopefully by early next week I will have my custom Ziryab resin on Ebay. So far she is really turning out nice, but man those fleabites are a killer! I haven't even begun to tackle putting them on that big ole belly of hers. Phew...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bawk Bawk Begawk!

Alright, so I figured why not. So I am inviting you into my crazy zoo. So here is an intro into the critters.

Dog -
Toby, 3 yr old rescued Husky Shep mix. Weighs 70 lbs, white with dark spots, and he thinks hes a lap dog..

Cats -
Paisley, Kate, and Burnt Marshmellow

Birds -
2 parakeets - Shelby and Luke
Sam - the white capped Pionus
Kermit - the green cheek Conure
Tim - a young Red Golden Pheasant
two Button Quail
Plus my flock of Silkies, Showgirls, Brahmas, Salmon Faverolles, and Marans (around 150 birds!!)

Rats -
Moya - Pearl Merle Varigated Dumbo girl
Blobby - Blue rex Dumbo girl
Cloud - Blue hooded Dumbo girl

Rabbits -
Poppy - Black and Orange Harlequin marked Lionhead Doe (My sweetie)

Fish -
The Bettas - Animal, D-Man, Liam, Sapphyre, Heinz, Kourtini, Flame, Janice, Fluffy, Belle, & Teenie.

Frog -
Froggie - Green tree frog

Thats all!!! LOL...